behind the brand

In what began as a humble passion for all things hand made transitioned into a simple quest for unique furniture and home decor.  With a limited budget but big imagination and a keen eye for hidden treasures, Rhicreations is rooted in sustainability and traditional design.

From candles to home decor to thrifted finds,

Rhicreations aims to bring well made, hand crafted, and

ethically sourced goods into your home.







In what has very much become a disposable world, I believe in committing to keep green spaces alive and thriving; picking up garbage on trails or sidewalks, rhispecting our indigenous land, taking time to slow down and enjoy the seasons, caring for the bees and planting trees.  Leading by example, sharing information, and showing up when it matters to help Mother Nature thrive.

I pledge to put in the work and research to reduce my footprint in both my work and personal life.



I live & breath local.  In one way or another, we are all connected and we grow bigger and better when we choose community over competition.

I aim to build, foster, and grow my relationships with fellow entrepreneurs, small businesses, and clients.  When we invest in local, we are choosing to build our economy, creating jobs, and boosting the welfare of all.

Rhicreations is proud to give back to the community yearly through volunteer work and monetary donations.

Rhicreations rhispects all members of our community and I pledge to stand up for all human rights and create space for conversation and growth.  Hatred, discrimination, and racism are not welcome here.



This.  This is where it all started.  Rhicreations is rooted in sustainability but when we know know better we do better.  I commit to continuous learning and adapting my practices to rhiflect new information and rhisearch. 

I am constantly on the search for supplies and materials that have been produced locally, or within North America.

I believe quality products shouldn't create quality waste.  All of my packing materials are rhicycable, biodegradable, and rhipurposed wherever possible. All of my candle bags are handmade with great care and love using 100% repurposed fabric and elastic.