jar rhiturns

Waste is gross.  Hate it.  Avoid it at all costs.  That's why I created the jar rhiturn program.  Simply put, when you're done with your candle I'll gladly take the jar and lid back to keep the rhicycling cycle going. 


I kindly ask that you clean the jar to the best of your ability and rhiturn it to myself or one of my participating stockists (please call first to confirm rhiturn).

product rhiturns

If only there was a scratch & sniff feature for online shopping, right?

I get it, spending your hard earned dollars on a candle you can't smell before purchasing can be scary.

Here's the deal:

if the candle you ordered isn't exactly what your nose and heart had in mind, I'll happily offer an exchange for a new candle within 7 days of you receiving your order.  The customer is responsible for shipping rhiturns and the product must arrive back unused, in its original packaging.

For further info on rhiturns please contact me directly here.