smells like: lavender fields and a floral elixer, to calm your mind and help you rhilax deeper


Heart notes of lavender intertwine with a floral melody, condusive of calm and rhilaxation.  A signature blend of soy and beeswax carry the fragrance through the room, like you're walking in a backyard garden nurtured with love and bees.

Lavender, gardenia, magnolia, ylang ylang, and hyacinth. 


  • 8oz. of clean North American soy wax

    For a clean, even burn, keep wick trimmed to 1/4 inch and allow wax to melt to jars edge; this will create an even burn cycle and prevent tunnelling and soot build up and ultimately allow the candle to burn longer. 


    Every Rhicreations candle:

    -has a story

    -comes packaged with love in a hand stitched rhiusable bag

    -is hand poured with love using 100% soy wax

    -is made with 100% cotton lead & zinc free wicks in a rhiusable glass

    -scented with either essential oils or phthalate-free fragrances

    -has a min. 45 hour burn time

    -clean burning, the way it should be 


    I would love to see your love - let's all get lit together using the hashtag #rhicreations

    After your candle is done, please rhiuse the jar.  You could pour yourself a bevvy, plant something green, or use it to hold all of your little precious things.