*note: this is a seasonal candle and will be back in stock February 2020*

Sea salt, eucalyptus, + pine

No Wake | A deep soak, a meditative float, a margarita on a boat. Slow time, calm your mind, where's the lime?


 This is an intense blend of sea salt, eucalyptus, and pine.  It's like you're at the ocean, but also in the woods, but also at a spa.

No Wake

  • For a clean, even burn, keep wick trimmed to 1/4 inch and allow wax to melt to jars edge; this will create an even burn cycle and prevent tunnelling and soot build up and ultimately allow the candle to burn longer. 


    Every Rhicreations candle:

    -has a story

    -is hand poured with love using local and/or North American wax

    -is made with lead & zinc free wicks

    -scented with either essential oils or phthalate-free fragrances

    -clean burning, the way it should be 


    I would love to see your love - let's all get lit together using the hashtag #rhicreations

    After your candle is done, please rhiuse the jar.  You could pour yourself a bevvy, plant something green, or use it to hold all of your little precious things.  If you have no use for your jar or lid when you're done enjoying your candle, I would be happy to take it off your hands and keep the recycling circle going.  Get in touch for return options.