DIY room + body spray

This room & body spray is a simple, natural, and effective way to freshen up your home and clothes. It eliminates odour, provides a rhifreshing aroma, and preserves the wash cycle of clothes. It is also safe to spray on dry skin.

So simple and easy to make! Here's what you'll need:

-measuring cup


-distilled water

-witch hazel

-essential oils

-spray bottle


1. Assemble all of your supplies and determine how much liquid your spray bottle ill hold (mine holds 4oz so I'll use this as reference)

2. Measure 2oz of witch hazel and add to spray bottle

3. Add 20-40 drops of EO

4. Twist on lid and give it a little shake (oil and water don't mix on their own so best to mix with witch hazel first)

5. Measure out 2oz of distilled water, add to spray bottle, and shake again.

Note: natural separation is normal, shake well and often to mix.

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