I've had this idea for a while. To share my thoughts, tips, tricks, and methods to living a sustainable lifestyle. A blog...musings...but with my own twist...Rhisings. I've made a half dozen or so attempts but I never knew how or where to start.

Enter Anupya. I met Shan a few months ago at an art show it was like we called each other to coordinate our booth design. Soul sisters you could say. Her company, Anupaya, is a Sanskrit word, meaning 'the pathless path'. It exudes everything I aim to be and what I want my company to represent. They are committed to producing ethical, quality, and sustainable products, cleaning up and caring for our wild spaces, and bringing together community in the most supportive and natural way. They put a call out for Ambassadors a few weeks ago and it just felt *right* to be a part of the Anupaya family.

So here we go. My journey down the pathless path. It's by no means perfect but I'm doing it my way and trying my damnedest to keep my foot prints as light as possible along the way.

#art #sustainability #naturelover #sustainableart

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