I have chalk painted furniture...now what?

Whether you have purchased or created your own piece with chalk paint, here are a few simple and easy guidelines to extend it's life in your home.

CURING - Depending on the paint and top coat used, your piece could take anywhere from 4-15 days to cure. This means the coats of paint and top coat are still bonding together to become strong and durable. During this time you'll want to take extra care to avoid scratches, stains, and heat as damages created while curing can cause permanent damage. Avoid resting heavy objects or liquids on your piece for at least a week after painting has been completed.

SUN EXPOSURE - Like most furniture, prolonged sun exposure or leaving your piece in direct sunlight will over time cause fading/yellowing. Something to keep in mind if your piece is white or a light colour.

CLEANING - There's a plethora of cleaning products out there for all different purposes. I've found the best and easiest way to care for chalk painted pieces is just to use warm water with a mild dish soap (lemon and grapefruit essential oil help as well but maybe I'll save that for another blog post?). Harsh chemical products can deteriorate the paint and weaken it's durability.

PROTECTION - Implement practices to reduce damage such as using coasters, cleaning up liquid spills, and keeping away from high heat will all help to extend the life of your chalk painted piece.

DURABILITY - If your piece is in a high traffic area or handled often (coffee table, kitchen cupboards, etc.) it may need a touch up after a year or so. Contact me or whomever you bought your piece from about what they used as a topcoat to ensure you use the same or similar product.

Yours in creativity,

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