My name is Rhian {pronounced R-ian} 

and I'm so glad you're here.

women sitting on a chair on the beach holding a cup of coffee


Owner & operator, Rhian (pronounced R-ian) officially founded Rhicreations in 2008 but has been making and creating art for as long as she can remember.  Rhicreations (pronounced Recreations) is a play on words representing the three R's; reduce, reuse, repurpose.  The brand is focused on creating quality goods using as local, ethical, and sustainable materials and methods as possible.  Lean more about our company Ethos here.  Inspiration for our products is pulled from our organic surroundings and every day real life events.

Rhian grew up in South Eastern Ontario and after pursuing post secondary education and back packing across the globe, she landed in Kingston, ON and has called it home for the past 13 years.  She has fallen in love with the small-town vibe, wonderful artistic community, and accessibility to so many nature trails, parks, waterways, and resources.

In 2021 Rhian underwent an emergency craniotomy to rhimove a malformation in her brain.  The surgery left her entire left side (temporarily) paralyzed.  After months of rehab she is back in the studio doing what she loves and navigating entrepreneurial life with an acquired brain injury and physical impairments.  You know what they say... when life hands you lemons, you make candles!  She has a new-found passion for spreading awareness about (brain) health, disabilities, and connecting with other brain injury warriors.