Tapers are here!

a white cotton bag with drawstring sitting on a wood stump


This is where it all started.  We keep high standards with realistic approaches to maintaining them.  We try to source our materials as close to home as possible, work with a fellow Maker who creates our hand made cotton bags from rhipurposed fabric, and offer incentives for jar rhiturns and rhifills.

Sustainability is a way of life we are constantly working at to improve, learn and grow.

women lighting a candle on the edge of a bathtub filled with bubbly water.  Wood wall in the back

Slow Burn

Both soy and bees wax offer a slow burn which means hours of enjoyment.  We've compiled some tried & true best practices to help you get the most out of your candle from it's first day to the last and all of the in betweens.

Three candles sitting on a coffee table in front of a brick wall


Environmentalism, community, and sustainability are our core values behind the brand.  What started out as a passion for unique hand made art has transitioned into creating products that represent real life that we hope you'll want to share with your loved ones, while remaining humble to our roots.

candle in a clear glass jar with a wood lid sitting on a coffee table in front of a brick wall
a women unboxing a candle making kit onto a wood table

Candle Making Supplies

a women wearing an apron pouring oils from a measuring bowl into a jar
candle snuffers in a glass vase sitting on a wood dresser



No weird stuff, just honest ingredients hand craft with passion and a story.

Thrifted and hand made candle accessories for a safe burn and timeless aesthetic.

Wax to wicks to personalized kits, we have everything you need to get crafty at home.


Come learn about the wonderful world of scent blending and candle making.